Cancellations and Order Changes


We can cancel all orders that have not been shipped. Once an order has been shipped, we are unable to cancel it.


We can make many changes to orders before they have been shipped without the need for cancellation.


    • On Made to Order items, we can change the model, size, features, firmness, and color.
    • We can change your shipping address, courier, and shipping method.
    • We can place a hold on your order so it will not ship before a specific date.
    • We can add and remove Made to Order items and general merchandise on domestic orders.


Certain changes cannot be made once an order has been placed.


    • We cannot make any changes to Ready Made items, including adding Ready Made items, exchanging Ready Made items, or replacing a Made to Order item with a Ready Made item.
    • We cannot change the billing address once a payment has been processed.
    • We cannot combine orders to ship at the same time or split an order to ship separately.
    • We cannot add or remove any items from international orders.
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