What does the status of my order or toy mean?

We display a brief summary of what’s up with your order on your Order History page. Clicking on an order will display the status of each item your order contains. Below are quick explanations of the statuses we use, and what they mean.



  • Processing means your order was placed successfully. This stage encompasses all of our manufacturing process from order placed to packed. We're making your fantasy real, and we'll get it out the door as soon as we're able! 

  • Shipped is self-explanatory - your order has had a shipping label created, and is waiting to leave with your chosen courier.

  • Cancelled means your order has been cancelled, and is no longer active.

  • Awaiting Information From You usually means that we need something from you before we can proceed with your order. Check your email and your ticket system account to see if we've contacted you!
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