Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pre-Made Items ("Adoptions")

So you want to buy a toy, but you don’t think a made-to-order toy is right for you. No problem!  That’s why we have pre-made toys that have already been manufactured in popular configurations. If you’d like to know more about the difference between a ready-made toy and a made-to-order, you can check out our FAQ right here. Otherwise, keep reading for some helpful things to keep in mind when purchasing a pre-made toy or accessory!



  • Pre-made toys and accessories are posted every so often on this page. It lets you filter to show ready-mades, flops, or both kinds of toys!

  • You can also find ready-made toys and accessories by viewing an individual product page. This will only show you ready-made items; it won’t display flops.

  • Pre-made toys and accessories are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot hold them for purchase at a later time.

  • When purchasing a pre-made item (or items), you have 30 minutes to complete checkout before the item(s) are removed from your cart!

    • We impose a 30 minute limitation on pre-made items to make the process fair to all of our shoppers. By doing so, we ensure that everyone gets a chance to purchase a desirable toy!

  • There are no returns or exchanges on pre-made items. Make sure you’re purchasing the item you want - and that you definitely want it!

  • We can’t swap out one pre-made toy or accessory for a different pre-made toy or accessory - again, make sure you’re purchasing the specific pre-made item you want!

  • We can’t replace an order for a made-to-order toy or accessory with a pre-made toy or accessory.



I thought I was buying an Adoption, but there’s a made-to-order toy in my cart instead!

When shopping from an individual product page, buying a pre-made toy can be a little confusing! Here’s a quick guide to preventing the most common hiccup we see happen with inventory toys.

  • Let’s say you’re interested in a Medium Cocksheath. You find one you like and click it to see more information about the toy. So far, so good!

  • If you go back to check the size or features, and you make any changes at all, you’ll be given two options when you go to add the toy to your cart!

    • The top “Add to cart” button will add a made-to-order toy with your custom selected size and colors to your cart.

    • If you didn’t make changes, but still clicked “Continue to next step” in the customization window, the top “Add to cart” button will add a made-to-order toy with default size, features, and color to your cart.

    • If you click the bottom “Add to cart” button, it will add your selected pre-made toy or accessory to your cart.


    Be careful when adding toys to your cart in this way, and you won’t have a problem! If something goes wrong with your checkout, just contact us right away and we’ll help you get everything straightened out.

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