What can I change about my order?

Accidentally ordered the wrong size? Decided a different color might be better? As long as your order hasn't been shipped out already, that's okay! We can help make a variety of adjustments to your order for you.

With some order changes, we may need to charge you an additional fee or issue you a partial refund. We'll work with you to make sure you’re charged the proper amount for your alterations!



What can Customer Service change about a toy for me?

  • The model of your toy

  • The size of your toy

  • The firmness of your toy

  • The features of your toy (cumtubes or suction cups)

  • The color of your toy 

Keep in mind that we may have to make other adjustments to your toy depending on what change you need, and specific manufacturing limitations across various models and sizes. We'll make sure to confirm everything with you before we make any changes!



What can Customer Service change about a print for me?

  • The paper type

  • We can add or remove frames

  • We can add laminate

    • (We can't remove laminate once your print has been made, so this is irreversible!)

  • We can mount an unmounted print

    • (We can't remove your print from the mount once it has been made, so this is irreversible!)



What can Customer Service change about my order for me?

  • Your delivery or shipping address

    • Moving? Staying somewhere for the summer? No problem - we can change that!

  • Your shipping courier

    • Please note, this only applies to domestic orders! We're restricted to FedEx for any international shipments, and we cannot make exceptions.

  • Your shipping method

    • We can upgrade or downgrade your shipping method to better suit your needs.

  • When an order is okay to leave our location

    • We can't guarantee a specific delivery date, since that's in the hands of the courier, but we can arrange shipping holds if you're concerned you won't be around to receive it.

  • The items on your order

    • We can sometimes add or remove made-to-order toys, made-to-order accessories, and general merchandise to domestic orders ONLY.



What can't be changed?

  • We can't modify your billing address. Once an order has been successfully placed, the billing information is locked since the charge was processed successfully.

  • We cannot add toys, accessories, or general merchandise to an international order that has already been placed. Even the smallest discrepancy can result in customs documentation being erroneous or invalid.

  • We cannot remove toys, accessories, or general merchandise from an international order that has already been placed. As above, the smallest error can result in a huge problem!

  • We cannot replace a ready-made item with a made-to-order item.
  • We cannot replace a made-to-order item with a ready-made item.

  • We cannot exchange one ready-made item for a different ready-made item.
  • We cannot combine orders together to ship at the same time.

  • We cannot split an order into multiple boxes to ship separately.

  • We're unable to make any changes to an order once it has been shipped.
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