What do I do if my order never arrived?

Does your tracking information say your order was delivered, but there's no sign of a package in sight? We may be able to help you! Below are some things to check for before contacting us for assistance.



  • Check to make sure we emailed you a tracking number, and that your order is marked as Shipped on your account. It may just be that your toy hasn't been finished yet!

  • If you have a tracking number, contact the courier you selected during checkout and inquire about the status of the package. This should still be done even if the tracking information claims the package has already been delivered. There might be a delay or delivery exception that they need your help with!

  • Do you live in an apartment complex or condominium? Your package may have been delivered to the administration office instead of your door. Check and see if they may be holding it for you!

  • Our customer support team may be able to file a missing package claim for you if you cannot resolve the delivery issue with the courier yourself.
    • When contacting us about an undelivered package, please include the date that you contacted the courier as well as a case or incident number (if the courier provided one).
  • Please keep in mind that missing package claims can take upwards of four weeks to be resolved - we can't take action on your issue until we receive a response from the courier about the filed claim!
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